Merging the physical and the digital world: the spatial web.

to deliver a new, smart and sustainable human experience. With maps, 3D, IoT, AR…

Digitizing Real world objects.

Real world People, place and things will have unique, standalone digital identity on the spatial web that will represent them in several spatial application. Eg, Your car digital version can be pinned into a rideshare space to interact with passengers.

Virtual worlds

As an individual or organisation, you will have a virtual copy of the real world as map, where assetts, people, things, places that are relevant to you can be pinned. And their real time status will be visible. This is called Spaces(or Bytespace), and they are your spatial host that you can choose to share with the public if you want.

Smart object and spatial interaction

With IoT, Digital Identity and spatial profiling, places and things will become smart and can interact with other smart objects on behalf of their owner or user.



A map-based geospace browser and search engine. Browse and find people, place, things and activities in real world location using their spatial ID, just like you browse webpages using unique domain url.


A digital version and identity creator for real world objects such as things and places that represent them in virtual spaces.

The next phase of human experience.

How we interact with the physical world is about to change.

At ByteX, we are accelerating the spatial web, to help achieve a smart planet(An efficient world)

By applying the internet and web information architecture to the real world spaces and objects around us and beyond, our goal is to create the internet of everything. Through digital twinning, sensorization(IoT), spatial information architecture and identities we can create a real time living digital replica of universal reality, index and organize them into useful domains to solve existing real world problems in multiple domains.

We believe this will enable smart decision making, improve spatial thinking, create new markets, democratize opportunities, establish circular economy, drive sustainable planet  and extend the human senses beyong physical limits.

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